Protecting The Privacy Of The Community Stakeholders Essay

Protecting The Privacy Of The Community Stakeholders Essay

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Law enforcement has to weigh in various variables when assuming the potential ethical concerns linked to information technology. Some law enforcement organizations are more data intensive and dependent than others. There are many variables at play when dealing with the community (safety, civil rights, the privacy of personal information, and more) and perpetrators (civil rights, personal information, and more). The law enforcement organization has “precise” and “comprehensive” data policy to make sure that police officers, civilian employees, and volunteers, who are privy to sensitive information comprehend that any breach on such data is not acceptable.

At the police headquarters, there is a vast amount of information that is sent and received on a daily basis. Protecting the privacy of the community stakeholders is a top priority. Making an "ethical decision" involves the understanding of "ethical implications" information technology ("A framework for making ethical decisions," 2016).

The Right-Based Analysis, according to Stanwick and Stanwick, (2013) an analysis happens when a manager reviews the possible decisions and considers how each option would affect the rights of each type of stakeholder.

For example, I am a volunteer with the Court Advocacy Committee, in this committee, a group of community residents together with a police officer of the district, discuss court cases of criminal activity that negatively affect our community. We choose a date and time, in which will show up in court to advocate on behalf of the community. A judge will notice our presence and knows that we will not stand for the crime such individual has committed.

The Sargent and the police officer who manages the advocate court committee m...

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...eaders are using advanced data-mining technologies to curb and combat crime. The compiled list illustrates to police officers in the form of an algorithm which is more likely to commit a crime or becomes a victim of violence.
Many community leaders state that the list is only targeting minority or a particular economic status, thus violating their civil rights. However, the superintendent argues that the data collected does not contain race or ethnic background. It is based on criminal records, sex, and age, and "other variables" that cannot be discussed.

The use of this list may or may not breach ethical boundaries. Then again, when one commits a crime, those records are made public unless there is a minor involved, then the records are sealed. However, the mishandling of information online can lead to misrepresentation of an individuals ' criminal information.

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