Protecting The Innocent : An Article On Censorship Essay

Protecting The Innocent : An Article On Censorship Essay

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Protecting the Innocent: An essay on Censorship
What would happen if anyone in the world could obtain access to potentially dangerous information? Should this “potentially dangerous” information be concealed? Throughout history, many people have argued over whether certain material and information should be kept confidential and the verdict remains unsolved to this day. Although it is widely disputed, censorship is vital because it protects children, reduces unnecessary awareness, and protects the military.
The first reason censorship is important is because it protects the nation’s children. In an online sourcebook, James Fieser mentions the fact that censorship protects children. He says,” Censorship shelters children from ideas that may damage their moral development… When the free speech of others runs wild, this intrudes on parents’ abilities to morally educate their children” (Fieser). Here, James is explaining the fact that censorship protects children from potentially harmful information that could damage their moral development. This is important because it proves that restriction of certain information is helpful in raising children in a moral way.
The second reason censorship is vital is because it reduces unnecessary awareness. In an online article supporting censorship, Alex Kingsbury mentions the positive parts of censorship. One point he makes is, “The public has a right, through electing a government, to have some information kept from them and from our enemies. That 's why we have secret methods to penetrate enemy communications. When the press publishes those secrets, it tramples on the public 's right not to know” (Kingsbury). Here, Kingsbury conveys his belief that U.S. citizens have a right not to know certai...

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...eople support censorship despite this (Rodriguez). These surveys convey the fact that many people continue to support censorship despite the fact that some believe censorship takes away opportunities for knowledge. These things are all significant because they further prove that censorship is extremely valuable to society.
In conclusion, because it shelters children from viewing things they shouldn’t, reduces unnecessary awareness by protecting peoples’ right not to know certain information , and protects the military by shielding citizens from certain horrors of military and war, censoring certain facts or materials is vital to society. If censorship were to disappear, society would be affected as a whole. Things such as crime rate would increase; the United States military may lose support and defense, and children may grow up with an unsafe outlook on the world.

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