Protecting Religious Expression Essay

Protecting Religious Expression Essay

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Protecting Religious Expression
Religion is an institution that has existed alongside humans for millennia and whose influence ranges from promoting altruism to beginning holy wars. In today’s age, an awareness of individualism and inalienable natural rights have created a complicated situation for religion, which directs the deepest concept of human existence, the soul. Especially in a political context, the line between what is tolerable and what is not is sometimes unclear. Nonetheless, religious tolerance should place no restrictions on peaceful expressions of faith—even if the ideas are marginalized or controversial—and these expressions include ceremonies, dress, and opinions. Sadly, other religious actions provide reasons for concern and limited protection. Policy to support religious tolerance should focus on stopping the forceful or violent spread of ideas, while recognizing the value that religion brings to life.
Indeed, even in a contemporary, increasingly globalized world that prides itself on its greater open-mindedness and empathy, there are ironies in the attitudes of supposedly tolerant people with regards to religion; religious liberty and tolerance are not guaranteed foundations in the current workings of society though their principles have been validated as human rights (Bardwell 1). John Locke, a 17th century philosopher of the Enlightenment, started a revolution in the philosophy behind the relationship of religion and government that set the stage for the religious tolerance that is the model for so many countries today (Conkle 1757). His beliefs rest on two main arguments: one religious-moral, the other political-pragmatic (Conkle 1759). The principle argument, religious-moral reasoning, holds that tr...

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