Essay on Protecting And Securing Online Patient Information

Essay on Protecting And Securing Online Patient Information

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Protecting and Securing Online Patient Information
Managed care organizations have recently embraced the use of technological inventions to store, retrieve and manipulate patient’s records. This development is significant to the health care sector as it enables simultaneous access of information by physicians in different departments of the organization, making the provision of medical services easier and more efficient. The information platforms used by these organizations allow users to store a wide range of patient information such as background information, medical history, prescribed drugs among others. By using an online patient information system, medical professionals and patients can access the information in a convenient way whenever necessary.
A number of issues and concerns have emerged with the introduction of online management of patient information. Among the most significant of these issues is the privacy of patient information managed and manipulated by use of an online system. There is the risk of confidential personal health information being disclosed to the wrong parties or shared in a public forum. Malicious individuals may target and steal confidential information belonging to certain celebrities, politicians, or influential persons by hacking the information systems for financial gains. Such an occurrence can have a range of damaging effects on not only the patients but also concerned medical professionals and health care organizations. These effects range from negative publicity and lawsuits to loss of patient trust, which hampers the provision of medical care. Many laws and regulations have been put in place to govern the handling of patient information using such online platforms. ...

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...ns. This is especially during the period of transition from paper-based to hybrid to electronic medical records system and the associated risks. Possible ways through which security breaches can take place in the online patient information systems will be examined (Burt, 2011).
• How effective is the practice in the health care sector?
Under this section, the significance of online management of patient information in the health care sector will be analyzed. The impact of this system on the ease of deliverance and quality of health care services as well as sensitivity and responsiveness of health care organizations to the needs of patients will be examined. The analysis will involve literature review aimed at studying cases associated with online patient information management at different managed care organizations across the globe (Walshe, 2011).
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