Essay about Protect the Future

Essay about Protect the Future

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Everyone is doing it! Assumptions, like this one, may prompt sexual activities among many teens. The amount of teenagers involved in sexual activity has drastically increased over the last several decades. Especially during the course of high school due to the outrageous status que with having sex. Due to such high numbers of sexually active teens, the distribution of condoms in high school could be implemented in every school district across the United States. Many individuals believe in using protection like condoms. Yet many may hold some kind of complex at how society may view them. This includes friends, families, and society. There is a stigma when it dealing with society/adults and teenagers. On one account, society/adults have a yearning to prevent teens from repeating any past sexual mistakes. On the other hand, most teenagers are already experimenting with sex. It appears very difficult to prevent a nature act of having sex once the teenage individual biological hormones become active. The major dilemma is the fear of giving condoms as a green light to go forth and have sex. When in reality giving condoms could be an inexpensive and affective prevention measure that school districts could incorporate. The choice to use a condom during sex can make all the difference in determining the participants’ future. Even though some adults feel the distribution of condoms in high school may promote the act of sex, passing out condoms will encourage teens to fully protect themselves.
Sexual activities during high school appears to be based on peer pressure, alcohol/and or drug consumption, due to the peer pressure and the desire to fulfill curiosity. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studies state that “the surest way...

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... Sexual activity among America’s youth teens is costly, damaging, and forever life changing. It is time to really implement prevention systems and awareness that will reach the youth-teen population where is it so frantically needed.

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