Essay on Prostitution, The World 's Oldest Profession

Essay on Prostitution, The World 's Oldest Profession

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Prostitution, the world’s oldest profession, has been under fire throughout history for being an immoral trade. It is such that the social stigma surrounding the sex industry is devastating, with many critics calling for stricter punishment of self-marketed prostitutes to discourage the growth of the universally despised human trafficking industry. It is clear that the human trafficking industry is growing; critics have already observed that nearly one-third of all sex workers in India are child sex slaves, and the rest of the world may not be far behind India (Moran A19). However, it should be noted that many of the negative opinions of the sex industry in America result from deep-seated Christian values that lead the public to believe that sex is inherently shameful and should only be used as a reproductive tool. Barring these skewed, indefensible ethical standards, the only logically sound reason the sex industry should be criticized is its rampant criminalization, that is, the buying and selling of human sex slaves. Therefore, it is indisputable that the best method to eliminate this stigma and end human trafficking is to legalize the sex trade while mandating strict government regulation in the form of new laws and ordinances, ensuring the safety of the solicitor, and taxing a bolstered economy that follows a regulated industry.
To begin, the only way in which a career as vulnerable as self-marketed prostitution could function safely is through government regulation of how the business should be run, that is, government support of the decriminalization of the trade. As the trade currently stands, human trafficking is an issue of paramount importance. One critic notes the vast number of human slaves currently circulating throu...

... middle of paper ..., in a human trafficking ring. Lawmakers would be utterly irresponsible to bow to morally driven demands made by critics who ignore these facts, as they would be putting citizens’ lives in danger.
In conclusion, prostitution must be legalized to allow for government regulation, which will irrevocably result in a safer trade for both the solicitor and the elicitor. With legalization, the government would be able to provide health insurance for prostitutes. With legalization, the national treasury would open itself up to new financial opportunities through regulated taxes. With legalization, prostitutes would be able to look to doctors for medical assistance without fearing arrest. With legalization, the government could establish itself as an entity that writes laws based on facts, not opinions. It is such that the government is obligated to legalize prostitution.

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