Prostitution Is Not Illegal Per Se Essay

Prostitution Is Not Illegal Per Se Essay

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In India , prostitution is not illegal per se but activities related to it such as owing or managing a brothel, soliciting in a public place, pimping , pandering etc are considered to be crimes. Prostitution is legal only if it is carried out privately. These above said activities play an integral part in prostitution itself and outlawing them indirectly makes prostitution illegal.
Legal Status
The Immoral Traffic (Suppression) Act,1956 also called as SITA deals with the laws with regard to the sex workers. It states that prostitutes cannot carry on their business publicly or in open and they are only allowed to pursue their trade in private. However, SITA was hardly used. Ordinarily charges were brought against the accused under different sections of IPC or were otherwise made liable for public nuisance. The main problem was that there was no clear cut definition of the various crimes and it was left to be defined by the officials who bring about charges against them. But However now, SITA has been amended and is replaced by Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act otherwise knows as ITPA or PITA.
The Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1986 was introduced solely to abolish prostitution in india by cautiously criminalising various aspects related to sex work. Some of the main points are-
Firstly, a prostitute who solicits in public shall be prosecuted and similarly, call girls cannot publish their phone numbers and if they are caught doing so then they will be imprisoned upto 6 months with fine.
Secondly, a client if engages in a sexual activity within 200 yards of public place will be made guilty and charged with imprisonment upto 3 months .
thirdly, if a client is charged with imprisonment uptp 7 to 10 years if he is involved in sex a...

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...ill form a large part on India treat girl child as a big responsibility and burden on them and legalising prostitution will make such families push women into it as its easy money. Those against legalisation feel that only brother owners and pimps will benefit and women will continue to get exploited.

Several countries such as Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany, Iceland, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Greece, Turkey and Venezuela have legalised prostitution. In fact, in The Netherlands, prostitutes pay taxes like any other citizen of the State. So many activist groups in India are also in support of legalisation of prostitution. Like any other profession, if prostitution is also made as one then the stigma on this profession can be removed and they can also be made liable to pay taxes like any other working citizen and get to live their life with dignity.

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