Essay on Prostitution Is Bad, Weather It

Essay on Prostitution Is Bad, Weather It

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In many cases society has tried to tell you that prostitution is bad, weather it is through movies, books, religious text and many other influential aspects of society, due to the nature of the people who they portray in the act. I believe if people were properly educated into the science of sex, having sex for money would not be considered such a bad thing. When I attended prep school, I met many other kids from Europe, and let’s sat they were a little more comfortable with their sexuality, and in a few of their countries prostitution was even legal.
I can remember one day a friend of mine from Russia showed me a website where you could go online a pick out a person you desire to have sex with. The way the website was laid out almost reminded me of going to a sports page and looking up players stats. Even though prostitution in Russia is illegal, you are only given a fine if you’re caught, from what I understand. It amazed me on how openly many of these kids from other countries expressed their sexuality. To some they would seem primal in their actions and beliefs towards prostitution and sex, however, to me the just seemed more connected with the nature of their humane makeup.
If prostitution were to be made legal, I believe it would greatly affect many aspects of our society. For one, I think it would lower the count at which women were raped, although it could never permanently stop it from happening. If men could casually have sex with women and vise versa, and pay for it, it would change the whole way people view relationships today. Honestly, I think it would greatly lower the rate of divorces, if men and women could both give into their desires in a healthy and safe environment, without the aspects of “cheating” being...

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...swinging.” This assignment not only allowed me to pinpoint certain moments in my life that greatly influenced the way I view these sexual issues, but it also allowed me to form new opinions with the depth of knowledge I have gained through this Roger Hock text book, and the supplemental material involved in this class. This assignment allowed me to consider certain topics that I would not normally discuss, and by doing so I have become more aware of my own sexuality and what it means to me. From sexual education all the way to Open Marriages, I have realized how diverse sex is throughout our own culture, and have become more expecting into sexual desires that hold a certain social stigma to them. Through this writing I hope one can consider how diverse human sexuality is, and possibly become more open in talking about certain sexual issues our society faces today.

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