The Pros Of Windows Based Enterprise System Essay

The Pros Of Windows Based Enterprise System Essay

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The Pros of Windows
A Windows-based enterprise system has a strategic advantage due to its popularity in the work, home, and education environments. With the Windows operating systems being a common ground for traditional work environments in the United States, many companies and homes have continued the use of Windows systems out of convenience. With the ease of use, and difficulty of adaptation at low, companies aim to keep employees productive by keeping the familiar feel of Windows in the business environment. Additionally, running a Windows system offers additional cost benefits due to its vast popularity.
Microsoft’s Windows operating system has a higher rate of exposure the built the technology culture in the United States, generating employees that are familiar with how to operate in Windows based system with minimal additional training. This savings on training is a key factor for a company’s return of investment, when calculating the cost associated with migration between Windows and a Linux based systems. The additional cost of training needed to support the new systems, can often cause a company to make an ill-informed decision when preforming a cost based analysis. “Industry experts and consultants widely agree that users should consider the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a software package when making long-lasting software adoptions decisions.” (Varian, H. R., & Shapiro, C. 2003). The total cost of ownership is often miscalculated as cost benefit analysis can underestimate the total cost of train, and the pay increase earned from IT professionals that have a more specialization in Linux maintenance and customization. Sources state, “The migration from Windows environments to Linux is more costly than the migrati...

... middle of paper ... systems to allow them to upgrade to the new windows 10 platform to take advantage of new security features and permission controls that have been integrated into the new version of windows. Windows website provides insight into these tools, “ The feature code-named enterprise data protection (EDP) offers a better user experience, while helping to better separate and protect enterprise apps and data against disclosure risks across both company and personal devices, without requiring changes in environments or apps. Additionally, EDP when used with Rights Management Services (RMS), can help to protect your enterprise data locally, persisting the protection even when your data roams or is shared.” (“Enterprise data protection,” 2015). With more features being added in future development, Microsoft offers a competitive edge in the Home, Work, & Education environment.

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