Essay about Pros and Cons to Single-Sex Schools

Essay about Pros and Cons to Single-Sex Schools

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Single-sex Schools
In the 1990s, there were a mere 2 single-sex schools present in the United States due to legal restrictions placed on sex-segregation facilities; however, as laws — the No Child Left Behind Act, Breckenridge ruling, and the Wood County ruling — have allowed for single-gender educational facilities, this number has risen to approximately 500 schools (Lewin; NASSPE: Legal). Popularity of single-gender schools stems from the academic success of their students as show by their test scores and proficiency scores. Biologically, males and females differ in development; therefore, they also require differing methods of teaching. Although critics say that differences in brain development between males and females are insignificant, test scores and college admittance rates of students from single-sex schools demonstrate a higher proficiency in the academic field; therefore, schools should be separated by gender.
According to the National Health Institute, males and females possess different rates at which they reach their “inflection point”, brain development’s halfway point (Sax). The institute’s study reveals that female brains reach their inflection point at approximately the age of 11, while males reach their inflection point at approximately the age of 15 (Sexual Dimorphism). This difference in brain development between the two genders warrants the use of single-sex schools over coeducational schools as it allows for methods geared towards these differences. In a single-gender school, teachers will be able to accommodate these differences by changing their methods to fit the rate at which their class’s gender learns. Teachers can tailor their methods according to the differences and better allot their time in th...

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...ical development differences between genders, an increase in assessment scores, and it provides an opportunity to break down prevailing gender stereotypes in society. Therefore, schools should be separated by gender. When students are separated by gender according to their different development patterns, teachers are better able to accommodate the weaknesses and strengths of each gender thereby allowing students to strengthen their academic skills. The lack of distractions in single-gender schools provides students an opportunity to focus on academics and improve their proficiency. Allowing students to learn and develop in an environment free of the gender roles that prevail in coeducational schools, breaks down gender stereotypes that prevail in today’s society. Separating students by gender allows students to reach their full potential and lead lives of success.

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