Pros and Cons of Welfare Programs Essay

Pros and Cons of Welfare Programs Essay

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The welfare system arose in the United States during the Great Depression, by the Social Security Act in the 1930s, providing medical and monetary aid to minorities such as women and their children, the elderly and later, entire families. During the Great Depression the Welfare system helped many families survive. Like many of the relief programs that were put into effect Welfare became a reform program, and remained permanent. Extensions to the original programs that had been created during the Great Depression were created in the New Deal, and Great society. Over this time, Welfare reform became stricter with its policy and was only attainable for a short term. Welfare which was once meant to provide relief to families, has been abused greatly, and has become a serious issue in the United States. The Welfare program is a negative aspect of the government’s social programs, because of the increasing fraudulency and abuse that occurs, in order to meet the welfare eligibility requirements. Welfare system is financed along with the total finances.
The Welfare program constitutes of a number of programs: these programs are cash assistance (TANF), the child support program, child care, energy or utility assistance, food assistance, medical assistance, and vocational rehabilitation services.
The most prominent food assistance program provided by the Welfare program, is the CalFresh program, federally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program(SNAP), that provides families and individuals that are in necessity. This program issues monthly electronic funds that can be used to buy most foods at many food stores and markets.

Welfare benefits continue to outpace the income of an entry-...

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