Pros and Cons of Technology in Classrooms Essay

Pros and Cons of Technology in Classrooms Essay

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For years, new technologies have been arising and improving drastically. To some generations technology is nothing but foreign to them. Children these days are so familiar with how to use technology; they almost start to learn after they start walking. So many people are abusing technology by overusing it and even some, becoming addicted. If technology is going to be used, it should have a positive purpose behind it. Throughout the past five years technology has become a main focus in the classroom and schools. Teachers are beginning to use computers, iPads etc. to help teach every grade and age. It has become so over welling that it could be believed that with all this technology, there is no point to have a teacher. Teachers and schools have learned to rely on technology as a learning approach.
The past twenty years technology has developed quickly and dramatically. Since using computers has become so familiar to the younger generation’s schools have even put them into classrooms. In the 1980’s schools began to put computers into classrooms and but the 1990’s almost every school in America had computers available for students. The generations before that were taught the way we all imagine a classroom to be, they learned the old fashioned way by chalkboards and writing hand written papers. Since then, learning techniques have changed in a more dramatic way. “Varied digital technologies provide teachers of any content area with a different approach to integrating the skills of the 21st century” (Pilgrim 2). Since teachers have the resources and opportunity to incorporate things such as computers and smart boards into their teaching approaches they find the need to take advantage of it. Using these kinds of resourc...

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... it is inevitable to avoid having any more sources of technology in classrooms.

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