Pros And Cons Of Tablets Essay

Pros And Cons Of Tablets Essay

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Tablets are not the most powerful gadgets but they are the most convenient, they screen size overpower the smartphones. The life battery of tablets are better than phones this allow users to perform work or personal related task without connected to the battery or staying at one place. Given the advantages tablets are great for work task that involve lots of movement than computer, but they are many types of tablets this comes as IPad, android, and windows 8 tablet which is now upgraded to windows 10. Before considering buying tablets for a large organization like Hospital they are many fact that need to be taken in to consideration like the pros and cons of each tablet hardware device, capability to connect to peripherals devices, and Security issues.
Pros and cons of tablets
Apple (iPad with iOS)
Pros: Well designed, widely used, lots of apps, excellent battery life
Cons: No Flash, no USB port
The pros of apple iPad is that it has lots of apps and good battery life, but there are no flash or USB ports that makes it hard to connect to any device that does not have a Bluetooth connection. Apple has been rated top for having good security on their products. However the operating system cannot run full functional software like work processing and spreadsheet. Which is not a good thing when using the tablets in an environment where these software are needed. Therefore I would not recommend IPad for a hospital because the staff may be required to enter information on Excel and other full functional apps. IPad are much better been used for personal use. “Pinola states that , hospitals are experimenting with tablets to access patient charts and medical records.

Google (Android)
Pros: Lots of options, large app marketplace, runs Flash...

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... is transferred, received, handled, or shared. This applies to all forms of PHI, including paper, oral, and electronic” (CA.GOV, 2015).
Security plays an important role in today’s network. Ensuring that security is implemented is important as it might save the organization a lot of money and reputation that might results from information breach or financial loss due to hacker. The most damaging is personal information of patents in an environment like a hospital as patents can sue the hospital if information of patents is made easy to access on the internet or network. Therefore security measures need to be considered, this might include hardware security, and online security system. Also educating staff about polices and assign each group user member according to the group type may also help increase security and limiting what can be downloaded on the tablets and

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