Essay on Pros and Cons of Privatized Social Security

Essay on Pros and Cons of Privatized Social Security

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When we hear about social security we think of that number every adult and college teen should memorize as they venture on the real world. We don’t think any more of it and most people don’t know about the benefits of such a number and having one. Some migrants from other countries dream of being in America and having a social security so that they may reap the benefits of having such a number and becoming a US citizen, while most every day people just assume it’s a number. What social security is would be a program created back in 1935 and it was used to provide old age, disability, and survivors insurance and on top of that, a supplemental security income which is a income for the elderly and/or disabled people of these United States. Now lets say we privatize all that and therefore do what we did with healthcare, of course their will be good outcomes of doing such a move but where this is good, there will always be bad no matter how good something turns out to be. The stock market, pride, government, all of these are several factors that can be towards privatization of social security but also can be bad things about it as well. Without the government we lose order, with the government we have less freedom, with the stock market people could win, without the stock market (when it crashes) people lose, yin and yang, pro and con one cannot exist with out the other.
Lets discuss a pro about what would happen or in better terms, something good that would happen through privatizing social security. As we all know, some Americans do not like the government being in charge of so much of life. If Social Security became privatized, this would emancipate the American people and give each individual citizen a right to have control ove...

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...ctors could be considered, but also several worsening factors could be looked at to. Its like facing between a republican and a democrat, both have different pros and cons amongst themselves and the same with privatizing social security for us. Both it has a good portion of the facts going for it but then you also have your bad side.

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