Pros and Cons of Oral Contraceptives Essay

Pros and Cons of Oral Contraceptives Essay

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There are many ways to prevent women from having undesirable or unexpected pregnancies. For example, there are condoms, sterilization, pull out method, cervical cap or spermicide, etc. ( Since oral contraceptives, birth control pills, were introduced, it has become the most popular birth control method ever, according to a chart, contraceptive method choice, from Guttmacher Institute. It is popular because of its serviceability, effectiveness and impregnability, and it became one of the most important developments in women’s history. Also, it is beneficial for multitudinous women in the world. According to the article “Oral Contraceptive” from Brown University, “The introduction of oral contraceptives was one of the most transformative developments in the history of women’s health.” However, nothing is perfect is this world, and side effects always come with popularity. There are many arguments on whether oral contraceptives should be recommended or not.
41.6 millions abortions happened in the world in 2003, and the abortion rate is 29% according to chart, Global and Regional Estimates of Induced Abortion, from It is unbelievable how many abortions eventuated in the world. It is always better to prevent bad things from happening than to deal with them after they had taken place, so there are many contraceptive methods, listed above, that can help people from getting unplanned pregnancies, and Oral contraceptive is one of the most widely used and effective method.
Oral contraceptive is widely used because of its effectiveness and convenience. According to a chart, Contraceptive Method Choice, from Guttmacher Institute, 27.5% of women who use birth control methods in the US are taking birth cont...

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