Pros And Cons Of Joining The Military Before College Essay

Pros And Cons Of Joining The Military Before College Essay

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Pros and Cons of Joining The Military Before College Oppose To after College

Military is an establishment of a country and nation. There are a few different motivation behind why one may join the Military. Recently, Ive asked a few secondary school understudies for what good reason they anticipate inlisting in the military. Majority of their responses were cash for school , training and traveling. Those are suitable reasons yet many are undecided wheather to join the military after college or before college. With All things considered , it is by all means more valuable and beneficial to join the military before school instead of joining after school. One key defense would be that joining the military before school will help pay for ones entire education.

Additionally , Graduating from high school is a genuine turning point, It is the first stride of this present reality. That is your chance of choising what you plan to do with your life instead of being authoritatively mandated to attend a concrete school. You can go to college , stay home and work , or even join the military. Joining The militiary directly after high school would be a great idea because you are making more than an average amount of money and you can also get a military education in an pleasent enviorment. At the same time, you may also obtain a steady career of your interest. Joining the military before college has a great advantage over joing the military after college.

Nonetheless , there are very few diisadvantages to joining the military before college. People may argue that if one joins the military before college they will not get the same college experience as their friends,But that doesnt matters. People also feel as if one may not be mentally ready ...

... middle of paper ... in listed for a longer period of time. There are myriad of reasons why one would enlist in the militarty before school either to pay for school or to improve onesself. Anyone who is capable of setting goals and achieving , most likely the military is for them. military life is a challenge and a life lesson.

Although , i am currently in school and planning on enlisting in the army reserve. i feel as though joining the military before college is more reasonable. it make more sence than joining after college. I am going to college first because i want to become an officer when i get out of college. however , i am currently in ROTC and was previously in JROTC in high school so i am getting a feel of what the military is about. i want to be the best of the best . i want to be prepared for anything the military has to come. most people doesnt have a plan. i have a plan.

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