Pros And Cons Of Gambling Essay

Pros And Cons Of Gambling Essay

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Gambling is a very controversial subject. There are many different pros and cons for gambling. One pro is tha a person can make make fast money and have fun at Casinos. On the other hand, a person can lose all their money and go through a period of stress. Legalized gambling requires consideration, prize and chance. However there have been cases in which these three things have not been present. For example, in games such as FanDuel it is believed that the game is not 100 percent chance. Gambling is so controversial because many types of gambling is illegal, has bad effects and can be very misleading.
Many online gambling sites are questioned to be legal. An example of this is Fanduel and Draftkings. Theses online gambling sites are believed to not be 100 percent chance. It is believed that employees are benefiting from inside information that the public does not have access to. Insider information includes injury reports and new uprising standouts. Even though the sites has extensive rules stating that employers cannot take part in the draft they do also. People question t...

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