Essay about The Pros and Cons of Free Music

Essay about The Pros and Cons of Free Music

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There has been controversy as to whether music should be free or not. As for the people who love to listen to music all the time, they would agree that the music should be free of charge. Benefits of free music are that you can listen to music fan free, helps out bands to be known, and reaches the crowds in less time and boots the popularity of the song; however, there are drawbacks, such as CD & MP3 gross sales decline, it’s an insult & harmful to artist and in all actuality, you are paying the record labels.
Listening to music for free is the best thing in the world, honestly, without paying for something is better than anything. Music to some-people is a way of life, why should they pay for music when they can download it for free. If you download a song off the internet, you’ll have your favorite song in the palm of your hand, charge free! You can save that money that you won’t spend on a few songs or albums and use it for something more important. “Free music downloads could be a solution to our attempts to scrimp and conserve in these rough financial situations” says Frank Castle from Article Alley.
Have you ever heard of bands that are local? Some bands play at late night events but you’ve never heard of them. That’s because they don’t have anywhere to start so people out of the city can listen to them. How do you think they can get more fans? Putting a video on YouTube rarely works especially if it doesn’t come from a popular sponsor. The band members record themselves and upload it to a website and have the music the uploaded free. In order for there to be more fans, the band needs to have their own music free. Someone that hasn’t heard of an artist won’t pay to listen to their songs, they won’t know if it’ll be a good ...

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...uld emphasize the negative aspects of downloading music for free, research shows that the benefits will greatly conquer the drawbacks. By letting people download music for free, the artist will have a better chance to have his music out faster and have his music gain popularity quicker. The local bands can be heard by having free songs. Also, you’ll have your favorite song in the palm of your and. Now it’s up to the record labels and artist to not be greedy and let the music be free.

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