Pros and Cons of Children in Sports Essay

Pros and Cons of Children in Sports Essay

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Pros and Cons of Children in Sports
On Friday October 18, 2013, Aledo High School and Western Hills High School squared off in a football game. It was a great game for those rooting for Aledo High because they won the game 91 – 0. At the time these two teams played, ESPN of Dallas/Fort Worth had Aledo ranked number one in the state in class 4A high school football. With a massacre like that, one may ask if the Western Hills Football team knew why they had lost so badly. Would this game have made state and national news if it had been played but no score was kept? The ages of the above players are between sixteen to eighteen years old. How would this scenario work if the children playing on the Western Hill and Aledo Football teams were three to eight years old, and not sixteen to eighteen years old?
Let’s review the Pros of children taking part in organized sports: physical activity, socialization, health competition, self-esteem, and discipline. With every action there is an equal reaction also known as the Cons of children taking part in organized sports: which are injuries, cost, stress, and lost family time together.Some of the benefits of playing outdoor sports, are stated by Adnan Samia in an article entitled “Benefits of Sports.” In schools today the break time is hardly 20 to 30 minutes. Playing outdoor games enhance endurance, flexibility, improve balance as well as strengthen bones and muscles. Sports help in developing better hand-eye co-ordination and fast foot movement. The children who play sports are less likely to get arthritis and diabetes than their peers who do not exercise or play games.
On the other hand in an article published by the NIH (National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Dis...

... middle of paper ...

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