The Pros and Cons of British Colonies

The Pros and Cons of British Colonies

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In the 1600’s there was the foundations of representative government. In the 1600’s the colonists came up with something called a democracy. A democracy is a government in which people rule themselves. The colonists had voted for many certain laws. They ruled themselves by using the laws of society. The carter named “Magna Carta” was a character of liberties which was agreed by King John of England, it had made the king obey the same laws as the citizens. Protestantism is a branch within Christianity; this was mostly participated during the 16th century. These were people who had reformed certain practices in the Catholic churches. On November 11, 1620 the Mayflower Compact was signed. The Mayflower Compact is a legal contract which was agreed to have fair laws to protect the good.

There were many economic reasons for the increase of slavery in the plantations in the South. The populations of slavery in the plantations were because the colonists depended on there Indentured Servants. The Indentured Servants were people who agreed to a contract which was to work in the southern colony. This contract lasted up for 4-7 years of hard work labor. This was as long as the servants paid for their journey. After the 4-7 years of labor there were free. The servants did slave labor but they were not slaves. The indentured servants and slaves both had some things in common. One they both worked on cash crops. Also they both worked hard and they were not paid for doing their labor.

There were many reasons why the colonists came to North America. One reason was because they wanted to escape King Edward so they could fallow freely their own religion and to seek riches. Also the Puritans came to North America because they wanted a lace to practice their religion without fear of the government. Also that the religion they wanted to practice was considered more fundamentalist than what was being practiced from where they came. the English colonies were successful in North America was because the British tried so many times to get more money the colonists got mad and boycotted- refuse to use-the British goods. Then the British government kind of loosened their restraints and gave the American colonists some freedom.

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There were many conflicts between the Native Americans and the Colonists. The conflicts grew because more and more British colonists came to North America and they need land to spread out. So the colonists were taking the land from the Native Americans. When the Colonists had taken the Natives land they wanted the colonists out of their land. This is why there was conflict between the Native Americans and the Colonists.
The Northern, Middle, and Southern colonies developed to separate economies and cultures. The northern, middle, and southern colonies separated economies because Farming was the main economic activity in all the colonies, but New England farms were smaller than that farther south. Building colonies in North America involved a great deal
of work. The settlers had to clear the land, construct homes and churches, plant crops, and tend the fields. As the colonies expanded, the demand for capable workers grew.

There were many positive and negative effects of the English colonies. The obvious positive is trade, as Britain sought to gain the lands richest in tradable items like India with its tea plantations and tobacco in the Caribbean which made Britain very rich indeed. The main positive effect of mercantilism was the generation of wealth for the rulers and merchants of countries like Spain, Portugal, France and Britain through exploiting of distant foreign lands outside in the Caribbean, the Latin America, the Indian subcontinent and Asia by first establishing trade relations, then overthrowing the native rulers and setting up colonies. Another positive effect is when they traded with other places with good.

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