Pros And Cons Of Being A Leader Essay

Pros And Cons Of Being A Leader Essay

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What are the pros and cons of being a leader? Please provide specific examples.

I believe someone would want to take on a leadership role within the organization because they will feel that they are capable of taking on more responsibility. The salary can also have a role in taking a leadership role. If someone was to offer me a higher salary to take on a leadership role, I probably would. Some of the pros can include making changes that will benefit the organization. Another would be leading the organization to success by making goal and having great sales. Some cons can include people blaming you if something doesn’t work out. You are the leader of the company so if something goes wrong, the leader will be the person responsible. People being envy of a leader is a common con. Being a leader comes with great responsibilities, so whether you’re a good leader or not, you will always be in charge of the employees actions.

2. According to GLOBE research, there are ten "differences in cultural dimensions." Describe all ten and please provide a specific example of each.

Performance orientation deals with rewarding individuals for their work performances. For example, I previously worked for an organization who gifted gift cards to the employees who had excellence work performances, this would encourage us to work hard. Assertiveness is the instance where individuals are aggressive with one another. Future orientation is the extent to which individuals engage (and should engage) in future-oriented behaviors such as delaying gratification, planning, and making investments for the future (DuBrin, A. J. (2010). Time orientation is the way individuals perceive time. Human orientation is the level where society re...

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...o the job and convince the employees to do something. This could be done with reciprocity, which means individuals repay with kindness. For example, if a manager sees that the employees are working hard, the manager may reward the employees by letting them leave early or buying them lunch. Scarcity, for example will be something available for limited time only. This can encourage organizations to do well in sales. Individuals are normally persuaded by people they like. This can also increase sales, because people are likely to buy a product from someone they like. Individuals are more likely to listen if someone has an authority figure. Social Proof is an occurrence where individuals assume the responsibility of other individuals so they can regulate behaviors for situations. With Consistency individuals must feel as if they are committed to what you want them to do.

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