Propositions for Mitigating the Effects of Global Hunger Essay

Propositions for Mitigating the Effects of Global Hunger Essay

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The last 20 years, hunger rates have abated by almost half, however with increasing food prices, global hunger is expected to accrue as well. (Anderson, 2007). About 40 to 60 million people, mainly children, die every year because of hunger. (Robbins, 2012). Close to 200 million children under five years old are malnourished. (Robbins, 2012). Many people may ask how hunger, in developing countries, such as Africa, can be stopped or even solved. The question seems to be; does more food need to be more food produced or is there enough for everyone on earth? If there is enough food, why does not every one have plenty to stay healthy? Hunger, in Africa and other developing countries, could be significantly mitigated or even wiped out if the people in the world worked together using technology and resources available.
There are many causes to hunger in Africa and other developing countries some include; weather conditions, poor agriculture, limited resources, natural disasters, and economy. (Robbins, 2012). The hungry people are not censurable. Hunger isn’t just the issue, the gist of the issue in its self, is economy. Close to one billion people live in deep penury, in the world today. (Robbins, 2012). If you don’t have money then you don’t have food, it is as simple as that. Poverty, food prices, and hunger are inextricably linked (Anderson, 2007). So the real question is; how can poverty be solved to stop hunger? One sixth of the world does not have enough food to be healthy and active. (Robbins, 2002). It takes 30 billion dollars to feed the hungry for a year. (Boren Project, 2013). If every person in the United States gave ten cents, world hunger could be stopped for a whole year. (Boren Project, 2013 and USC, 2014). Eve...

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...s hungry and you gave me something to eat.” (Mathew 25:34, New International Version). However, I could be wrong along with many others who believe the same about this topic but what I do know is that this world is temporary. One day, in heaven there will be enough food, no one will go hungry, and no one will be in poverty but until that day comes, we must do our very best to take care of God’s people, or brothers and sisters in Christ. When I say this world is temporary, I do not mean that we should not try to solve the issue; in fact we should keep trying until we cannot try any more. I love the positive outlook Pierre Ferrari from CNN news has on this topic. In her article, How to End World Hunger, she said, “Ending world hunger can be done.” (Ferrari, 2013, P.1) The end to world hunger can be restituted, if we work together using the resources God has given us.

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