The Proposition Of `` Growth Mindset `` Essay

The Proposition Of `` Growth Mindset `` Essay

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Growth of Minds
The proposition of “growth mindset” entertains the notion one does not experience an innate capability of acquiring or comprehending information. Responding to the conviction of innate intelligence, Journalist Sara Bernard stipulates with certainty: “Intelligence is not fixed, it turns out, nor planted firmly in our brains from birth” (Bernard); thus, challenging the majoritarian impression of a mindset supposed to be permanent. Undeniably, it is hypothesized by this discipline if one attempts to practice with effort, say for instance, an academic subject of difficulty, then one would discover an improvement in overall performance of not just that particular subject, but in their mind as well; hence, growing their mind. Indeed, it is this attribute of practice that is specified to counteract the mindset of an individual not just found to be fixed, though one also bound to surrender to restraints and struggles of failure. Notably, it is this act of refusing to surrender to failure that encompasses the meme conceived, for it is this image, through its clear message and tone, that attempts to reach those struggling with overcoming failure with a meaningful message; thus, fostering an optimistic approach to growing their minds.
Accordingly, the illustration of this meme is simple; as it is not difficult to contemplate with a swift glance the figure portrayed attempting to overcome his iron chains, which appear to make him struggle towards continuing his path forward. The image itself is bold and self-professing, because it expresses the intent and personal will to advance forward, despite the chains making effort in slowing his growth. Indeed, it is this concept of being held down that is quite universal in all of h...

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...rowth and knowledge, as to do so would allow failure to conquer you. In addition to all this, Dweck clearly acknowledges, “’I don’t divide the world into the weak and strong, or the successes and the failures…. I divide the world into learners and nonlearners’” (Dweck 16). This suggests those failing to meet academic standards should not worry if they fail, for if they do, what should be taken into consideration is whether he attempted to learn, not whether his effort equates to “failure.” Subsequently, perhaps it is better to fail than not to fail at all, because failing implies effort towards learning and expanding, while no failure at all implies no effort whatsoever! Furthermore, this meme, along with its convincing features and motivational content, serves the purpose of further advancing the growth all minds, especially those struggling with overcoming failure.

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