Proposed Solutions Of The History Study Guide Problem Essay

Proposed Solutions Of The History Study Guide Problem Essay

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Proposed solutions of the history study guide problem

For most of the international students at OU, English language could be a barrier to their understanding of course materials, professor’s lectures (both content and style) and their communication especially in non- scientific courses such as History. In particular, when the professors use a lot of questions that talk about many aspects happened in United States’s history in their assignment sheets comments. As a result of this lack of understanding, the international students are suffering in term of how they navigate the course materials and which parts are more important than the others. Therefore, this problem seems like a communication issue between the professors at OU and students who are not from the United States. For example, one day I was sitting beside an international student Hu, Xiaorong (Personal communication, September 14, 2015) he said to me “It is so hard for us as a foreign student to understand the U.S. history” and Xiaorong was recording all the lectures by a small recorder device so he can replay it again when he get home and write down all the lecture questions. Therefore, the text which can address or solve this kind of issues are the study guide sheets which mostly had been posted by the professors on the University learning website at the beginning of each semester to guide the students who need help such as the international students to get succeed in the course. However, the study study guide sheet is not effective and failed to reach many students.

• Criteria
I. Easy to understand
The new study guide should have a clear and direct information so it can reach all the student. Moreover, international students including me have problem with some ...

... middle of paper ...

...nterviewing a different samples of students. In my project I tried to improve one of the study guide sheets that I think it failed to reach a particular audience which are the international students. I made several interviews with two international students who told me about the most difficulties they have faced in the history course. Moreover, I tried to interview the professor who made the text but unfortunately he was busy. But I use the interviews and criteria that I made to set a couple of changes to the old study guide sheet to make it more effective. In the final project I am going to make a poster contain the old design, the important interview statements and the changing steps that I make on my new study guide design. Then I am going to examine the student feedback especially from the international student to see how the new design could reach their needs.

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