The Proposed Approach to Physical Fitness Development at Contemporary Schools

The Proposed Approach to Physical Fitness Development at Contemporary Schools

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While the existing fitness center at the Hazleton Area Academy of Sciences is technologically advanced and gorgeous, it will become impractical starting in the 2014-2015 school year. Currently, the fitness room is often over crowded leaving students unoccupied and uninvolved. This issue will only worsen as the upcoming freshmen class of one hundred and eighty students begins their first year at the academy. To provide students with an opportunity to obtain holistic wellness, a Physical Fitness Center at the Hazleton Area Academy of Sciences is necessary. In addition to the current fitness room equipments, the proposed center will offer two additional exercise facilities to STEM students, a swimming pool and a two hundred meter track. When used correctly, these two facilities require use of students’ entire bodies.
Health is defined by the World Health Organization as, “the state of optimal well-being,” (Caton, P.1). A student can only maintain optimal well-being if he or she has a balanced physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual life (Caton, P.1). All of these can be balanced with the aid of a Physical Fitness Center at the Hazleton Area Academy of Sciences (Caton, P.1). Students can improve their physique using the fitness equipment available now in addition to the proposed swimming pool and indoor track. Emotionally, students can release their anger through weight lifting activities or while running and swimming, transforming it to joy (Caton, P.1). Mentally, students can improve their attitude and work ethic (Caton, P.1). Spiritually, students can prove to themselves that their hard work will pay off (Caton, P.1).
One proposed addition to current fitness offerings is a two- hundred meter track in order to off...

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... even those of the nation. Aside from that, each and every student that would utilize this building and its contents will have the opportunity to better themselves.

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