Proposed Action Pl Convergent Mixed Methods Design Essay

Proposed Action Pl Convergent Mixed Methods Design Essay

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The proposed action plan remains primarily a convergent mixed-methods design. Therefore, the collection of both quantitative and qualitative data analyses will occur concurrently (McMillan, 2015). Administration of the SPA pre-assessment (see Appendix A) will occur during the second week of school. One week following the return from the winter break the teacher will administer the mid-year SPA (see Appendix B). During the last week in May the teacher will administer the final SPA assessment (see Appendix C). The teacher will evaluate the SPA using the Teacher Math Rubric (Newport News Public Schools, 2015e). Students will complete the Student Rubric and the researcher will conduct semi-structured interviews (see Appendix F) to clarify the students’ responses following each administration of the SPA. The Student Math Rubric (see Appendix D) has a Likert-type scale, which remains developmentally appropriate for use with early elementary school students. Students will be familiar with this rubric, as they have been exposed to this survey in both kindergarten and first grade. This rubric will be employed as a survey to assess the student’s perspective regarding their problem solving capabilities after completing each of the Student Progress Assessments (SPA). This data will not serve as “factual information or evidence” (Efron & Ravid, 2013, pp. 109-110). A combination of semi-structured (see Appendix F) and unstructured interviews coupled with observations will provide triangulation of the data to improve the credibility of the survey results as they pertain to the effectiveness of inquiry-based instruction on second student’s problem capability. Subsequently, the teacher will develop inquiry-based lessons founded upon the pacing gu...

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...the key points (Efron & Ravid, 2013). Due to the studies focus upon our unique educational setting, I hold that a semiformal presentation during a school wide professional development meeting remains appropriate. Therefore, I intend to seek permission from local administration to present the study to advance my topic and encourage others to pursue this or similar topics (Efron & Ravid, 2013, p. 238). Considering the fact that eight elementary schools in the study school district were denied accreditation in mathematics during the 2015-16 school year (Virginia Department of Education, 2015b), I foresee the possibility of sharing the findings of this research with teachers in schools across the district. The urgent nature of the mathematics achievement gap across the nation leaves open the possibility of publishing the results of this study for national dissemination.

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