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Proposal Regarding Bullying Essay

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I was thirteen when it happened. With a broken fist, displaced jaw, and a smug face, I walked into the living room. I was in agonizing pain, but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed every second of it, as it was the day I showed the bully that I wasn't just another flower child, I was a lion who would tear him down if need be. Tears rushing down her cheeks, my mother rushed me to the hospital, worried sick. She asked, “WHY?” to which I proudly replied, “Because it needed to be done”. This was the day I stood up to a bully. Even though I knew I couldn't win, I had nothing to lose. We exchanged blows, we cried in pain, we fought till one of us fell. Since then, neither me or my friends were ever bullied, we were free.

Bullying is not just friendly quarrel, it is not a minor dispute, it is stealing away the joys of life from another, it is ruining ones live forever. Bullying has ruined countless lives, and it will continue to do so if severe action isn't taken, bullying must be stopped and it must be stopped now. This proposal aims to eradicate bullying from our local high schools; by collecting conclusive evidence and implementing strict regulations, we shall put a stop to the bullying once and for all.
Bullying victims are 2 to 9 times more likely to commit suicide thereby adding up to the already high teenage suicide rates. According to the ABC news network 30 percent of the students are bullying victims, meaning 3 out of every 10 teenagers is being bullied and hence slipping slowly into depression. How many friends of yours are, or have been bullied? How many friends have to lost because of bulling? How many of them decided that the end was better than the daily torture by the hands of a bully? I am sure you know at least couple who ende...

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...cher, student and parent involved in our local high school. The estimate cost of setting up a CCTV camera in each room would be around fifty thousand dollars. Though the money, time and effort is great, the regard would be greater. The assurance of the safety of the students, the assurance of a reduction in suicide rates and teenagers going into depression, are only the tip of the iceberg. By implementing these laws, we would be able to set examples and thus remind the students that the high school does not take issues like such, lightly. Moreover, the benefits of implementing the CCTV system can be seen all over the world, firms, banks, offices, all agree to the fact that the implementation of the CCTV system has dramatically reduced all criminal activities in the firm. The benefits greatly overweigh the hard work and so this proposal is one that is bound to succeed

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