Proposal of a Community Youth Program and Fundraiser Essay

Proposal of a Community Youth Program and Fundraiser Essay

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Executive Summary
As a native of Lancaster, I feel an obligation to act and do something that will benefit my community. I am well aware of the many perils that youth face, and these obstacles can be extremely difficult to overcome without positive figures to aid and provide guidance. There is a great need for an intensive mentoring program within the community to positively influence the lives of youth. For The Land of Dreams, I have proposed to host a community basketball tournament to raise funds to implement a mentoring program to assist in the personal growth and career development of youth in Lancaster County and surrounding areas. The program will form partnerships with local school districts and the juvenile court system. This event will aid Lancaster County by providing additional discretionary resources that will be used to fund such activities as tutoring programs, leadership courses, and college tours.
As a Lancaster native, I have had an opportunity to experience the many facets of life for youth within the county. I have had close friends lose their way and sense of direction, due to a lack of leaders and positive mentors. I was fortunate to have these positive figures in my life to deter any unhealthy or destructive behavior. As I view things now, I see that more and more young men and women are falling victim to this trap, and have not found a way to end this detrimental cycle. A major issue concerning this matter is a lack of adequate funding for the mentoring programs. There are many individuals who would love to volunteer and assist with the programs, but there should be finances in place to take the youth on field trips of some sort that is related to the program that will make things more appealing, su...

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Land of Dreams plans on build funding support from businesses and private donors in the community. Yet it will take six years before funding from these sources becomes strong enough to expand the program. The primary expenditures for the program are for the training and managing of mentors and the program activities for youth and mentors. Therefore it is essential that due exertion is applied to fund allocation for these critical program responsibilities. An effective communication system will be established to report fiscal data to the Board of Directors so adjustment can be made immediately to assure the strength of the program.

Important General Assumptions:
• We assume generous community support
• We assume a continued need for at risk-youth
• Slow growth economy
• We assume no unseen changes in federal funding from grants


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