Essay on Proposal for a Support Group for Male Victims of Domestic Violence

Essay on Proposal for a Support Group for Male Victims of Domestic Violence

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Proposal for a Support Group for Male Victims of Domestic Violence

This proposal, submitted to the Domestic Violence Support Western Sydney Service, is to advocate for the inclusion of a support group focused on male victims of domestic violence in the services that are currently provided by the DVSWSS. With all due respect to the amazing support and services the DVSWSS provide to female victims, this proposal would be targeted specifically at the creation of a support group for male victims as there is a need for such services as is shown below. This proposal will aim to provide a mean for the DVSWSS to continue to be a leader in the support of domestic violence victims by providing services to all victims in need.

The Need for the Group:

Domestic violence is a terrible curse to all those involved. It inflicts harm on the victim, the perpetrator and witnesses, whether they be children or not. While support services have long been available to assist women and/or children overcome any issues that arise as a result of domestic violence, these services have left out a significant portion of victims, those that are male. In 2012 The Australian Bureau of Statistics found “That 33.3 per cent of victims of current partner violence during the last 12 months were male” (ABS, 2012) and “37.1 per cent of victims of emotional abuse by a partner during the last 12 months were male” (ABS, 2012). This shows the amount of victims that are being left behind by domestic violence support networks in their current state, despite their good intentions. For such a painful and difficult time it is not adequate to leave one third of those suffering behind.

While there would be many cases where one-on-one support would be required for the...

... middle of paper ...

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