Essay about Property Management Systems

Essay about Property Management Systems

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In the hotel industry, property management systems also known as PMS are programs used on a computer which help the hotel staff manage guest reservations, registrations, charges, and other amenities. The PMS system may interface with multiple departments which may include the central reservation system, housekeeping, engineering, food and beverage, the front office, the back office and point of sale systems. In this regard, the PMS acts as the central hub of information.
Property management systems are also used to manage and account for personal property and assets. There are many different types of property management systems available, so each hotel may not use the same system as another. Property management systems are very important to the function of a hotel. There are many ways in which the PMS provides hospitality. Some of these include making check-in easier, being able to provide a guest a clean room, and the ease of guest accounting.
Property management systems help provide hospitality to guests in a multitude of positive ways. Registration has improved with the advent of PMS. While registration typically occurred at the front desk, new developments have changed the process with the ability for hotel employees to facilitate the process remotely using wireless computers or for guests themselves using a self check-in at a lobby kiosk or even over the Internet prior to arrival. This can improve customer service for the guest while lowering costs for the front office.
Housekeeping is another area that is improved through PMS. Using a PMS, the latest data on the status of a room, whether dirty or clean, helps the front office in providing the correct rooms for guests. Sometimes the telephone system is incorporated, by h...

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...el gain a positive return on their investment.
In order for a PMS to work at its maximum, management should be sure that employees are properly trained to use the system. It is critical that the type of training an employer provides meets the needs of both the hotel and their employees. It is equally important that the impact of training is evaluated. Otherwise, a business may never really know whether or not the training accomplished what was expected.

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