The Proper Way to Train a Dog: The Dog Whisperer by Paul Owens Essay examples

The Proper Way to Train a Dog: The Dog Whisperer by Paul Owens Essay examples

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The topic I am researching on, is if there is a proper way to train a dog by gathering information from different sources such as books, online research, and interviews. I know a little bit of the process of training a dog, but I hope to find out a way that shows the best results. Also, I hope to find the main points that is key to properly train a dog or a puppy. Throughout my research, I found out that there are multiple ways to train a dog and how different approaches can affect the results. According to Paul Owens, the author of “The Dog Whisperer”, the main thing to remember is to reinforce positive training because it works. It also provides you with a little bit of background research on how dieting can affect the dogs training ability. You also have to play with your dog, especially with puppies. Some puppies if you train for a long period of time they will become frustrated and connect training with negativity leading to not a cooperative dog. If you are training a puppy you have to take it to places with other dogs so the puppy learns how to socialise. Normally when puppies are born, they stay with their other brothers and sisters which allows them to learn how much pressure and when to stop if it hurts the other. They also learn how to socialize with their siblings, but since puppies are pulled out of the litter early, they need to experience other dogs to learn how to socialize. Dogs also known to have a 6th sense and they can tell your emotions, so you have to be sincere and enthusiastic and praise constantly to allow the puppy or dog to feel the same emotion as you.
The key to training an obedient dog is patience and repetition. You can not train a dog for a couple of hours and expect your puppy to remember. Repe...

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...throughout the process of the I Search.
The result of this I Search was the knowledge that I have gained throughout the plentiful research and interviews. I have researched multiple ways to train a dog, and I have come up with the combination that will lead to the best results. The main key to train a dog is your attitude towards the dog while training. You need to maintain a positive attitude and reward the dog with positive reinforcement. Also while working with a dog you cannot show frustration and repetition is another key to properly train your dog. It is important for the puppies to socialize a lot when they are beginning to grow into an adult, to help them understand their limits. I have learned that it is not only about the speed of teaching nor the skill to teach. It is mostly the attitude and affection which helps the puppy grow into a fully trained dog.

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