Proper Training for All Employees Essay

Proper Training for All Employees Essay

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Proper Training for All Employees
One challenge I see in the department that I work in is that there are two types of employees, the ones that have been there for many years and were promoted to higher positions without proper training because that was the next step up; and the newer employees who have not been trained properly to reach their full potential. Proper training and job rotation would improve the quality of work as well as the morale in the office.
I work in the Admissions department of a local college and the challenges seem to come because there is no time for proper training, the supervisors do not know the positions well enough and they cannot seem to keep people in their current positions long enough to get a proper training manual system together. When we are in our non-busy times in the office, people are often on vacation or unavailable for training.
There are two different sections of our office, one is for the counselors who recruit new students either at high schools, college fairs or on the telephone and the other section is the Operations side where we process the applications and parts when they come in, the visit coordinator schedules a visit for the prospective students, and the front desk who answers the telephone calls as they come in.
Proper Training for All Employees
When I was hired, there was not a manual to learn from, I was trained by my supervisor who had not done my specific job duties in many years and many steps were skipped. I made my own "training manual" by using the print screen option and printing each step of a process. This would have been useful when I first started because I wasted plenty of time not really knowing what I was doing. I realize that putting together a man...

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...ith the process and everyone can then realize how files get to where they need to go, how decisions are made and what happens to a file when it is complete.
With the supervisor being trained as a leader, the department would run much smoother than it does. You never know from day to day how my supervisor’s mood will affect the entire department. No one person should have “authority and ability” to change the mood of the office, but it happens.

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