The Proper Role of Government Essay

The Proper Role of Government Essay

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Philosophers have struggled with determining the proper role of government. In the absence of government and laws, people could do whatever they wanted, and some of them would try to slaughter others and steal their property. This is the state called anarchy. People have realized that the safety of the people and the country would be in jeopardy in such a state. Thus, it is necessary for a country to have a government and/or ruler. However, a ruler must not have absolute power nor lack authority. But the protection of the people and the country alone is not enough for a country to prosper. The property and the natural rights of the people and the government must also be protected. Thus, the proper role of government is to protect the people’s natural rights, their property, and the people themselves.
A ruler should be neither too powerful nor too weak, and he should claim his legitimacy with his willingness and abilities to protect his people, their property, and their natural rights. First, if a ruler had absolute power, he would tend to use it to benefit himself at the expense of his people’s interests. The Declaration of Independence gives an extensive overview of King George III’s misdeeds. “For imposing taxes on [the people of the American colonies] without consent: […][King George III] has plundered our seas, ravaged our coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people.” King George III was a despot, wielded all the power, mistreated the American colonies, and taxed them heavily and extensively to accumulate wealth for his crown. As a result, the American colonies rebelled and sought independence. On the other hand, a ruler should not lack authority over the people, because he would not be able to protect ...

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...e was able to do anything of his desire. Like all absolute rulers, he abused his power and hurt the people, in this case, by killing the people who opposed him. When a rebellion amassed to attack the absolute ruler and his supporters, the ruler failed to protect his people and their property. In fact, the ruler bombed the people and killed everyone in his way, defying the idea that a ruler must protect his people. Thus, a country can only be successful if it has an able government and/or ruler that follows the ideas described above.
Work Cited "Code of Hammurabi, c. 1750 B.C." DISCovering World History. Detroit: Gale, 2003.Student Resources In Context. Web. 7 Mar. 2015.

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