Proper Monitoring Records For Toxic Pollutants And The Name Of The Receiving Waters

Proper Monitoring Records For Toxic Pollutants And The Name Of The Receiving Waters

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The NPDES permit No. 0052469 became effective on April 30, 2013 and expired on April 29, 2018. The name of the outfalls and the name of the receiving waters were as described in the permit. The Cherokee WWTP is authorized to discharge through Outfall 001 into the Oconaluftee River.
Self-monitoring records consisted of the following:

• discharge monitoring reports (DMRs)
• monthly operating reports (MORs)
• daily operational sheets
• calibration records
• analytical data reports

The self-monitoring records were kept for a minimum of three years. The self-monitoring reports and calibration records documentation were observed appropriate.


Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) from 2014 and 2015 revealed numerous permit violations for ammonia-nitrogen, CBOD5, total suspended solids (TSS), and E. coli.
Regulatory Requirement: 40CFR part 122.41 (a) (1) Duty to comply. The permittee shall comply with effluent standards or prohibitions established under section 307 (a) of the Clean Water Act for toxic pollutants and with standards for sewage sludge use or disposal established under section 405 (d) of the CWA within the time provided in the regulations that establish these standards or prohibitions or standards for sewage sludge use or disposal, even if the permit has not yet been modified to incorporate the requirement.

The facility 's effluent flow was measured by an ultrasonic flow meter (Mitronics). The effluent flow meter was calibrated on a yearly basis. The plant also measure the effluent flow with a 2.5 ft. rectangular weir with end contractions as the primary device.

Table 1: Flow Measurement

Type of Device Model Flow (MGD) % Error with Primary Device

... middle of paper ...

... 41 70 30
Ammonia (mg/L) 12 25 45 11
Nitrate +nitrite (mg/L) 0 0 0 0
Total Phosphorus (mg/L) 4 7 12 6.5
*Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Reuse 4th edition, Metcalf& Eddy, 2003. McGraw- Hill Companies, Inc. NYC3

Total suspended solids samples were collected in the aeration tank. The composite effluent samples were collected after the ultraviolet violet disinfection system. Table 5 includes the USEPA sampling analytical results. Analytical results were below the effluent permit limits. Figure 1 shows the locations of the wastewater samples collected during this evaluation. See Attachment 3, SESD Final Analytical Results for a complete listing of analytical data. At the time of the inspection the daily average effluent flow was 1.93 mgd.

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