Proper Management of ADD Can Lead to Success Essay

Proper Management of ADD Can Lead to Success Essay

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Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a neurological condition that causes a person to be easily distracted and impulsive. If identified and treated at an early age, children with ADD can lead normal, productive lives, and can actually develop advantages from some of the condition’s traits. If not dealt with at an early age, ADD can be difficult to manage, and can result in more serious problems, such as substance abuse or depression.
The most common symptoms of ADD are selective attention, distractibility, impulsivity, and sometimes hyperactivity. People with ADD are mistakenly referred to as having an “attention deficit”. In fact, what they have is “selective attention”, where they display brief attention, until they become distracted and are no longer able to provide their undivided attention (Sears and Thompson 6). Sometimes in the midst of a conversation, a person with ADD may suddenly “zone out” of the conversation and appear to be in another world. They are also easily distracted, finding it difficult to complete tasks. People with ADD are impulsive, acting without thinking of what the outcome of their actions may be (Sear and Thompson 6). Lastly, some people with ADD are hyperactive, in almost constant physical movement. Hyperactivity “refers to excessive, inappropriate motion, as if a person were driven by a motor running inside that does not shut off ” (Williams 19).
There are several key ingredients to a successful treatment plan for ADD: behavioral techniques, positive reinforcement, and medicine, if necessary. Behavioral techniques focus on developing good habits at an early age. Parental involvement is crucial, requiring commitment and investment of time to constantly reinforce positive behaviors, such as ...

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