Propaganda Used Throughout World War II Essay

Propaganda Used Throughout World War II Essay

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Many Americans know about the propaganda used throughout World War II. Famous figures such as Uncle Sam and Rosie the Riveter were plastered on buildings across the country. What many Americans do not know about is the various propaganda used internationally during the war. Every nation involved had its own set of posters and messages with varying themes depending on the country. Probably one of the easiest nations for Americans to study the propaganda of is the United Kingdom if for no other reason than that they speak English. After all, propaganda is meant to be easy to grasp. It was targeted at the general populace and should be readily understood by anyone. Still though, it is important to define exactly what propaganda means in terms of the war.
Propaganda took the form of posters and short films posted on walls and shown before feature films, respectively. The posters are more easily recognized today. They were similar in appearance to advertisements at the time: a painting of sorts of smiling people doing something. A couple may be enjoying dinner with two glass soda bottles on the table with a caption that reads, "Enjoy Coke." A young girl is having fun playing with a doll with the logo of the local toy store obviously placed in the corner. The same art style was used in war posters. Posters used in propaganda usually have a few general themes, those in the United Kingdom mainly being saving everything and not idly chatting.
Many posters urged families to save table scraps instead of throwing them away so they could be used to feed pigs and hens. The war was making importation of food difficult. No food was to be wasted under any circumstances. Extra food was fed to local animals which were used for more food and so o...

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...m as it was for any country. The United States, Germany, The Soviet Union, France, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, etc. Propaganda is a powerful tool when used correctly. It can be used to deceive easily though. Many people are easily swayed by big letters and colorful pictures. Great care is needed to be taken when presenting propaganda. It can be a step in the right direction, or it can be a tool used to control the people. Throughout history, leaders have used propaganda tactics ranging from fear to patriotism to likability to flat out lies to push their agenda. This is exactly what happened in the United Kingdom, but on a much lower level of corruption (if any at all) compared to leaders such as Lenin and Mao. Overall themes of patriotism, unity, silence, and saving resources shone through as the main messages of the propaganda in the Second World War.

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