Essay about Propaganda, Propaganda And Propaganda

Essay about Propaganda, Propaganda And Propaganda

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Through the power of propaganda Joseph Goebbels and Adolf Hitler were able to persuade a whole country to hate Jewish people and become socialists; therefore, showing the importance of evaluating propaganda carefully as a citizen. Nazi Propaganda tried to tell people that Germany was the defender of western culture from the Jewish people (“Nazi Propaganda”). Through the power of propaganda Joseph Goebbels and Adolf Hitler were able to persuade a whole country to hate Jewish people and become socialists; therefore, showing the importance of evaluating propaganda carefully as a citizen.
In Nazi Germany the Jewish people were considered less than humans, Subhumans, causing a hatred of Jews. The Jew is portrayed as an evil that can destroy everything, even if it’s all done by one Jew, this treatment caused by anti-Semitism (“Nazi Propaganda”). Propaganda was used to persuade Germans to PERCEIVE that Jews were less than them. “Nazi propaganda stressed to civilians at home and to soldiers, police officers, and non-German auxiliaries serving in occupied territory themes linking Soviet Communism to European Jewry,” (“Nazi Propaganda”). The propaganda that was used tried hard to compare Jewish people to the Soviets to combine an effort to eradicate both and likely the world soon after if they’d accomplished their goals. Jewish people were portrayed as sub-human through anti-Semitism compared to the “Aryan” or the perfect German (“Nazi Propaganda”). Jewish people were exiled and made out to be inhuman and next to worthless. Scum of the world, and that a German with blonde hair, blue eyes, the perfect being.
Joseph Goebbels
Joseph Goebbels, head of the Ministry, used tactics that tricked and played with the civilians f...

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...’s MOMENTUM was not enough and not everyone followed under what was said, and counter propaganda is made to deter people from the Nazi’s.The White Rose, a protest organization, plays a role in counter-propaganda to try and wake people up to the horror of the Nazi ideals but either no one cares or is too afraid to do something about the situation (Ederer).

Propaganda is incredibly powerful and few have the power to wield it - those of whom can control this power do not always have good intentions, very few of them in fact usually do. Propaganda should be watched VIGILANTLY and never taken as absolute. The main use of propaganda is merely to assume control over an audience, typically in the manor to have others see things the way the user pleases. Therefore, propaganda is no toy and should be taken with suspicion as it’s not always correct.

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