Essay on Propaganda During The 20th Century

Essay on Propaganda During The 20th Century

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Propaganda in the early 20th century was designed to stir nationalism in a time of post-war despair, but Nazi German propaganda was based on the stereotyping and marginalized descriptions of Jewish peoples in juxtaposition to their said German superiority. The rise of Hitler’s totalitarian regime was plagued by the use of propagandistic material that helped foster German allegiance and spread of their anti-Semitic beliefs, as it was used by the Nazi party as means of demeaning Jewish life and culture. This propaganda created an illusion of human hierarchy that allowed Germans to justify their own Aryan race in light of their recent defeat by dehumanizing Jewish peoples as the scum of the earth. The film The Eternal Jew released in 1940 under the Nazi party’s rule exemplifies how the Nazi party’s tactics in demonizing Jews only serve to prove their own self worth as a people. This goal is achieved through the comparisons of German and Jewish life where German are portrayed as superior; in essence this film deals more with uplifting the German race than simply stereotyping Jewish peoples.
Although the Nazi party established their belief that the Aryan race was the only pure race early on — their media focused mainly on the dehumanization of the Jewish peoples. This is due to the effects of WW1 where Jewish peoples were believed to be less economically affected by the hyperinflation and unemployment in Germany, while Germans suffered seemingly suffered the depression most. In Hanna Arendt essay “The Decline of the Nation-State and the End of the Rights of Man” she addressed the shattered political system as a gateway for totalitarian governments to rise (267). The Nazi party benefitted from the broken political system as a way to co...

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...that the narrator begins to discuss this form of slaughter by establishing that the rest of Europe is also against this method. The narrator does not begin with the Nazi party’s own opinion of this slaughter method, they first use the validation of other European countries as a basis for their own disdain of this form of slaughter. After having established this validation the narrator then states that the Nazi party, as well as the German people, are against this form of slaughter claiming their methods to be the most humane. This is done to unify the opinions of the the Nazi party to the rest of Europe in a way that can ostracize the religious practices of Jews, and further reiterate the disparity between the ethics and lifestyle of Jews and Germans. The film continues to degrade the practices of Jewish life first as means of valuing the lifestyles of Germans higher.

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