Propaganda, A Form Of Communication Essay

Propaganda, A Form Of Communication Essay

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Propaganda, a form of communication, uses a variety of techniques to persuade a population in a negative or positive way toward an idea, position, or political agenda. This goal is often achieved by using misleading information. This use of advertising forms an opinion or set of beliefs and ideas in the audience’s mind that the creator of the piece is attempting to formulate. The 1942 World War II poster, Rosie the Riveter, is a prime example of propaganda due to the portrayal of a strong, leading woman that persuaded millions of women into joining the United States workforce during war time. By the help of this poster, the number of working women rose from 14.6 million to 19.4 million in just 3 years (Shmoop Editorial Team, 2008).
The Rosie the Riveter poster (also sometimes referred to as the “we can do it” poster), was produced in 1943 by Norman Rockwell. This image was distributed through print, film and radio during a time when women were not present in the workforce. (Rosie the Riveter 2014). Although women gained the right to vote in 1920, they were still expected to perform “womanly” duties such as cooking, cleaning, and raising children. This left the working economy up to the other 50% of the United States population, the men. During the time of WWII, there was a huge demand for shipyard and factory workers to produce munition and other various war supplies. With 16.1 million men serving in the war, it was difficult to find workers to fill their previously held job positions, turning the public’s attention to women to fill the gap. (Shmoop Editorial Team, 2008). Additionally, since this was a world war, also known as a total war, this meant that the United States’ government was required to utilize their entire populatio...

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...were currently fighting in the Second World War. However by doing this women began to test their boundaries and see themselves as something much more useful. This was a turning point in women’s history since they now realized they could occupy jobs that had been previously held only by men. They also realized their inner strength by using the icon of Rosie the Riveter. This poster successfully persuaded millions of women to get out of the house and apply for previously male dominated jobs in the name of the war effort. By simply creating this image, women across the country assisted in supplying war materials to United States soldiers. It also became a beacon of hope to the feminist movement and can still be used in today’s world as a role model image to women when they feel inferior to men. This propaganda successfully persuades women to be anything they want to be.

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