Essay about The Prompt Spread Of The Zika Virus

Essay about The Prompt Spread Of The Zika Virus

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What is the Zika virus? According to Donald McNeil, “The Zika virus is a mosquito-transmitted infection related to dengue, yellow fever, and West Nile virus.” The Zika virus originated out of the Zika forest which is located in Uganda (“Zika virus”). This virus is considered to be perilous; however, this pertains mostly to pregnant women. The virus began ascending in 1947 and it is most common in the African and Asian areas (McNeil). However, 2015 is the year the disease began to disperse rapidly to the Western Hemisphere. What is causing the prompt spread of the Zika virus? Individuals in the Western Hemisphere have not been able to build up antibodies, which attack the virus, to inhibit it from hosting inside of their immune system. The Zika virus is caused by one main aspect, a mosquito species, and it has numerous symptoms which fluctuates on a scale of average to extremely problematic.
The specific mosquito species that transmits the Zika virus is the Aedes species. However, the Aedes aegypti is the known to be the predominant carrier for the Zika virus (Suresh). How is the Zika virus transmitted? A mosquito, specifically a female, bites a contaminated individual and picks up the virus. Once the virus is picked up, it travels from the mosquito’s abdomen into its salivary glands (McNeil). An individual would not receive the Zika virus if the mosquito did not administer its saliva into the individual. However, a mosquito always administers its saliva to prevent the prey’s blood from clogging (McNeil). A mosquito’s saliva contains protein factors that inhibit blood from clotting. Therefore, the next individual that the mosquito bites receives the Zika virus. This process is on-going because the individual that becomes infected ...

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...s (“About Zika Virus”). To prevent catching the Zika virus sexually, individuals should refrain from sexual activity and use contraceptives. Pregnant women who have visited areas contaminated with the Zika virus should be aware of any symptoms within 14 days of traveling (“About Zika Virus”). If any of the symptoms are recognized, the women should inform her obstetrician immediately.
Although the Zika virus contains no absolute treatment or solution, numerous experts are working on ways to prevent the Zika virus from dispersing any further. Several laboratories are strengthening capacity to be able to detect the Zika virus and experts are prioritizing their time to do research on the Zika virus. However, these efforts to have just began. Brazil has been the main target for Zika; therefore, surrounding countries should remain cautious and raise awareness (Scipioni).

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