Promotion From Within At Citrus Glen Essay

Promotion From Within At Citrus Glen Essay

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Found in the case study entitled, Promotion from Within at Citrus Glen, is a staffing process concern. The Citrus Glen Company, based in Florida, is a juice producer that supplies orange and grapefruit to food processors, grocery stores, convenience stores and restaurants in the United States. With rapid growth over the last few years, the HR vice president, Mandarine “Mandy” Pamplemousse, has been worried about how to staff the ever-expanding array of positions for Citrus Glen. Her concern is how to hire and promote enough individuals who are qualified for the needed positions. When Mandy is trying to staff internally, she uses a contractor based in Charlotte, NC called, Staffing Systems International (SSI). When positions become available that are appropriate to staff internally, she sends a group of candidates for the position to SSI to participate in the assessment center. The candidates are in the assessment process for three days. Mandy receives the results with recommendations, a few days after the assessments were completed. Although, she has never evaluated the process, Mandy believes it is fairly accurate, especially with a cost of $5,500 per candidate (Heneman, Judge, & Kammeyer-Mueller, 2015, pp. 532-533). Should Ms. Pamplemousse be concerned about the reliability and validity of the SSI assessment results?
Process Evaluation
Mandy shared with her brother-in-law, Vin, who is a doctoral student in industrial psychology, the difficulties in promoting from within at the high cost of the SSI’s assessment process. Upon listening to her dilemma, Vin recognized that SSI was using an assessment center. He told her research suggests that once the applicant’s personality and cognitive ability have been taken into ...

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... train the employees or possibly train both areas. Preferably, send people from those countries that are already in the organization, who know the culture of the people or send employees that at least speak the language (Heneman, Judge, & Kammeyer-Mueller, 2015, p. 524).
Ms. Pamplemousse, in light of the growth pace of the company and the expansion possibilities, should review the current use of the SSI’s assessment process and the reliability and validity of their results. It is key to know the company’s assessment process is successfully serving the needs of Citrus Glen in filling the positions properly. By creating an internal evaluation team to assist her with this project, will broaden the scope of reviewing SSI’s assessment processes and should yield some good solid results and possibly save the company more monies for future growth development.

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