Promoting Tolerance And Ending Prejudice Essay

Promoting Tolerance And Ending Prejudice Essay

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Promoting Tolerance and Ending Prejudice
In today’s world, there are numerous places where people create a society that is full of diversity. Although these societies exist, we have people who do not have tolerance for others because of the differences among each other. These differences include race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and more. In our society, there are also multiple prejudices which prevent us from understanding each other. The relationship between tolerance and prejudice is that if we promote tolerance, we slowly end prejudice. The only way in which we can live happier and healthier lives is if we let go of all the negatives and begin to understand one another.
There are several reasons as to why it is significant to promote tolerance. Tolerance is defined as having a positive and understanding attitude towards those whose opinions and practices differ from our own. In a world that has become multicultural, it is crucial for us to establish tolerance. If there isn’t acceptance between people, the peace of the society will be disrupted and create a place fil...

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