Essay on Promoting Sustainable Development

Essay on Promoting Sustainable Development

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The only planet that sustains human life —Earth, is dead. This idea is strongly professed by Bill McKibben in the Post Carbon Reader, although morbid it does hold clout, humans are destroying the environment of the planet at unsustainable rates (McKibben 2010, 44). Recognition of the degradation of the environment, reached international attention in 1992 with the gathering of international actors at the World Summit on Sustainable development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At the so-called Rio “Earth Summit”, a plan was made called Agenda 21, this agenda sought to “bring poor countries into environmental agreements while simultaneously supporting their economic development” (Hicks, Parks, Roberts, Tierney 2008, 2). One of the major actors at The Rio summit were states that are a part of a group called the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development also known as the OECD for short. The OECD is an organization that comprises of some of the most: developed, richest, and industrialized countries on Earth. The OECD is the largest contributor to international development aid programs and thus has massive influence and power in the world (Hicks, Parks, Roberts, Tierney 2008, 261-262). Therefore, when it comes to environmentally sustainable development the world looks to organizations such as the OECD for leadership. Unfortunately for the environment however, the OECD countries do not provide a good historical blue print for sustainable development with many of these countries severely degrading their own environments, taking its natural wealth and turning it into industrialization and development of the states. Even though the 1992 Earth summit has brought attention to environmental concerns with regards to sustainable developm...

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