Promoting Imagination and The Desire to Care in The Classroom Essay

Promoting Imagination and The Desire to Care in The Classroom Essay

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Education mean something different for everyone. Because of this, people have different views for the purpose of education. For some education can be very important and for others no so much. However, education is still present in some ways. Education is used for many things like advancing in the work place and helping out country compete against other countries. The role that education plays in improving the lives of students is by creating democratic citizens; this happens by promoting imagination and the desire to care in classrooms.
I believe that the aim of education is to create well-rounded citizens in a democratic society. This means that students are not only being taught just the academic standards by also being taught social skills. The students will be able to be a citizen that will improve their society and be a person who is diverse and who is open to the differences in people. With this comes a couple of barriers, such as the desire to learn new things in both teachers and students in the classroom is lacking and the worker-as-machine model.
The desire to learn new things means that both sides, students and teachers, must have an engaged pedagogy. According to hooks, an engaged pedagogy is both sides are willing to learn and grow. Not only the students are empowered and are encourage sharing things about themselves and learning new things but teachers are also meant to do these things (21). This is a barrier because if students and teachers are not willing to learn and grow democratic citizens cannot be created. This is so because people will not be educated of differences and others react and deal with different things in society. This goes along with the importance of self-actualization of teachers in the class...

... middle of paper ... that are needed to improve the students’ lives.

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