Prominence of Obesity among People with Disabilities Essay

Prominence of Obesity among People with Disabilities Essay

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Prominence of Obesity among People with Disabilities
Consciousness of the relationship between disability and obesity is crucial for good public health today. It is an important subject, particularly in the contemporary society where obesity and overweight have become a major health concern. Researchers are increasingly shifting focus on this in pursuit to address the concern that people with disabilities are at a comparatively higher risk of developing the condition (Gannotti & Veneri, 2007). It is necessary to have concise knowledge of the relationship in order to devise counteractive measures. This paper presents an evaluation of the relationship between the chances of people with disabilities becoming diabetic, which is the initial step towards devising counter measures. The further paper seeks to suggest measures to counter the risk because of the concern that the condition costs people with disabilities more on health care. Recently, researchers have shown that obesity related diseases cost an additional 26 percent expense of people with disabilities (Wallace & Schluter, 2008).
Insight on the Relationship between Disability and Obesity
The Concept of Disability: The human perception of disability has recently changed from an individual or medical model to the social model. From the medical model, exclusion of people with disabilities was perceived as an ordinary consequence of being disabled. The recently adopted social model shows how disability has been shaped by socio-cultural practices and social structures to be considered as a human rights issue (Williamson & Thompson, 2000).
Definition of Obesity: This is a condition in which a person acquires weight beyond the standard weight considered healthy for a given height....

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...dren with cerebral palsy. Am J Phys Med Rehabil , 36-45.
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