The Prolonged Effects of Steroids Essay

The Prolonged Effects of Steroids Essay

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Think of a world where the only thing an athlete has to do to become the next Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, or Jesse Owens is take a pill or take a harmless injection. The injections and pills are harmless for now. When abused the effects of anabolic steroids are lethal. Anabolic steroids are an illegal drug unlike their counterpart, the corticosteroids. You will soon learn the consequences of using an illegal advantage of steroids in sports and on the body.
If you want to know about the effects of steroids you first must know what steroids are. Steroids are a medicine taken by mouth or injection and, when used correctly can heal your injury and overall health. Corticosteroids were invented by scientists at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. The scientists invented the steroid in 1935 by isolating the hormone cortisone form the adrenal glands. Taken orally, corticosteroids help out of control asthma. High corticosteroid use can lead to osteoporosis, a disease that causes fragile bones (Asthma and Allergy). Corticosteroids treat arthritis and many other conditions. Corticosteroids are powerful drugs which can quickly reduce swelling and inflammation throughout the body (Eustice).
Corticosteroids are also called catabolic steroids. Catabolic steroids, unlike their counterpart, break down muscle mass. A common corticosteroid is cortisone which reduces pain and swelling on soft tissue injuries. Catabolic steroids such as Prednisone may also cause changes in appetite, weight gain, water retention, diabetes and mood changes. Condition specific medications like Restasis have been linked to permanent and irreparable damage to the retinas, as have oral steroids (Ellis-Christensen).
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