The Proliferation Of Fast Foods Essay

The Proliferation Of Fast Foods Essay

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Lets be honest, you are either obese, known someone who is obese, or are going to be obese in the future. There is no need to be ashamed because us Americans live in a country that makes mistakes everyday when it comes to food choices. For example, when going to a fast food restaurant it is common for customers to choose a burger over a delicious salad. That is because they usually have the same calorie count at large chains, so why would someone not want to pick the more filling and appealing choice? Not only are foods that are higher in calories more tempting, but they tend to be relatively cheaper. The proliferation of fast foods can be stopped by regulating advertisement to consumers and raising tax prices on unhealthy foods.
Sugar and other added ingredients are taking over the human population. Sugar has always been the most prevalent product on the market, starting back in A.D 500 when the infatuation was beginning. In the article, “Sugar Love”, author Rich Cohen states, “In school they call it the age of exploration…” which was sending sugar seekers to great distances to take advantage of the product. It was the product of trade and everyone was doing what he or she could to get sugar in their possession. “People picked cane and ate it raw, chewing a stem until the taste hit their tongue like a starburst” (Cohen 1). Over the course of time, things have not changed. It may seem ridiculous to think back and envision humans chewing on a plant, but in the present day it would compare to a soda addiction. Sugar is evident in a plethora of everyday foods. Although it may be in different forms, sugar still plays a huge role in society’s diet. We many not realize it but the media is persuading Americans to eat unhealthy everyday....

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...ould be okay because the shoppers would still be craving the products, but eventually over time they would have to change their habits and see these items as luxuries.
Cheap junk food, and alluring advertisements have taken over and are winning Americans hearts with their reasonable prices. Americans are overlooking the fact that they are missing out on the nutrition they require and are instead filing the void with products that are destroying their health. However, this “junk” is not viewed as a problem in modern society. The solution to diminish the proliferation of unhealthy foods is to add taxations and regulate commercials. The first step to solving the problem is realizing that there is indeed a problem within our society. Together, our country can put an end to obesity and push towards a healthier future. What are you going to do to help change the country?

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