The Proletariat And Bourgeoisie By Karl Marx Essay

The Proletariat And Bourgeoisie By Karl Marx Essay

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Class struggles have appeared in societies of all epochs of history. As humans, we are constantly valuing and arranging ourselves into levels of social status according to power, intelligence, and wealth. Karl Marx’s perspective of the proletariat and bourgeoisie struggle can be used to analyze simple concepts and ideas from unlikely places. These comparisons to Marx’s view brings about creative and profound interpretations. Jack and Jill, a famous children’s nursery rhyme, can be analyzed in this way. Although it is not the epitome of the working class revolution, Jack and Jill can metaphorically represent the relationship between the bourgeoisie and proletariat.
Jack and Jill represent the working class, who struggle against the hill or the “capitalists”. The workers climb in attempts to fill their pail with water from the well owned by the hill. The water, in this case, represents the product or reward Jack and Jill are working for. However, despite their efforts, the arduous hill causes them to fall, and the product is kept out of the workers’ reach. The author wants us to sympathize with Jack and Jill, who are determined to work together in attempts to get water but suffer injuries at the bottom of the hill. This Marxist analysis can be directly connected to The Communist Manifesto, by Karl Marx. For example, in the novel, the proletariat is described as “a class of laborers, who only live only so long as they find work, and who find work only so long as their labor increases capital” (Marx 68). This quote explains the relationship between the workers and the capitalists, where the capitalists keep the products of the worker’s labor power. The bourgeoisie requires much effort from the proletariat but keeps the product of th...

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...urself attitude, punks led a revolution of rebels that shocked and horrified dominant societies. This is significant because the punk revolution not only empowered punk followers, but also seized the attention of those in authority as their rebellion affected the whole nation.
Jack and Jill can be viewed as an analogy for the class struggle between the workers and the owners in society. Despite its lack of support for the working class revolution, the nursery rhyme still depicts the discouraging and ongoing conflict endured by the proletariat under the bourgeoisie. There are endless versions and portrayals of class struggle; the aspects of Marx’s beliefs are applicable to almost everything in life, especially the American society. Wherever a Marxist analysis is discovered, Karl Marx encourages the overthrowing of oppressors and the establishing of a better society.

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