Essay on Project Share: Stakeholders Management

Essay on Project Share: Stakeholders Management

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The NYSEG case touches upon a complicated topic: that of management of a corporation directly deciding upon and providing policies which redistribute wealth away from the corporate shareholders and into the hands of other stockholders. In this case, NYSEG’s Project Share is essentially a form of welfare where NYSEG takes corporate resources and profits and reallocates them to poor customers or customers with severe debt issues. In my opinion, what is strikingly unusual about this program is the extent to which it becomes involved in the lives of its customers. Customers identified for Project Share may receive financial counseling, help with substance addiction, and help connecting with other welfare services. The main question posed by this assignment is whether or not NYSEG’s Project Share is both altruistic and good business. I believe that it is…to an extent. In the subsequent paragraphs, I will explain my position, as well as what I believe the positions of Milton Friedman and John Boatright would be based upon the assigned reading of their views regarding corporate social responsibility.
As I just mentioned, I believe that to a certain extent, Project Share is at once altruistic and good business, but this view relies upon a perception of the business value of social outreach and community image that is difficult to accurately quantify. It also bears comparison to other industries and other business models. Project Share is undoubtedly helpful to the many customers who receive its benefits, and the assigned article states that “NYSEG’s bad-debt level is 20 percent lower than that of the average U.S. utility company.” It also points out that the costs of managing Project Share gre...

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