Essay on Project Rationale Of Illicit Drug Use

Essay on Project Rationale Of Illicit Drug Use

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Project rationale
Illicit drug use is a major concern in our public health system and society, especially the use among adolescents. In this stage of the lifespan, people are often attracted to thrill seeking and risky behaviour. Since 2010, there is an overall increase in the use of illicit drugs in Australia (Roxburgh, Ritter, Slade & Burns, 2013). It is startling to think about students who are in school age, use drug though they know it is illegal. It is even more shocking that many of them involve in trading illicit drugs without hesitance. The current policies and legislations do not adequately prevent illicit drug distribution in adolescent. A recent study has shown that many high school students claim they can easily have access to these illicit substances if they want to (Johnston, O’Malley, Bachman and Schulenberg, 2010 as cited in Willits, Broidy, and Denman, 2015). In fact, around 27% of adolescents have access to and use illicit drugs while they are in high school (National Institute of Drug Abuse, 2014). This statistic makes it clear that this issue is alarming in among youths. Therefore, this research aims to investigate how the personal, social and environmental factors motivate the use of illicit drugs among adolescents. Moreover, Arkes (2011) suggests that the interconnection between drug selling and drug use causes complex involvement in illegal matters of these drug users. This study will also examine how the use and sale of drugs are interconnected.
Methodology and methods
The use of face to face interviews provides in-depth information focusing on participants’ experiences and viewpoints (Turner III, 2010). The data is collected from face to face interviews with 50 students aged 15-18 from different publi...

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...academic troubles. However, the majority are recreational drug users who tend to use drugs on special occasions and for leisure purposes. While a quarter of high school students have at least once tried illicit drug, dependency occurs to a minority of them.
This research represents a qualitative approach to examine the motivation of drug use and trading among adolescents. The result suggests that law enforcement on illicit drugs needs to be reassessed for more efficient outcomes. Moreover, family and social support play an important role in reducing substance abuse in youth.
This study has some limitations. Even though, the validity of the two interviews are high, the reliability may not be as high because both of them are not structured interviews. In addition, self-report data may contain bias that both the interviewer and interviewee are unaware of.

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